4baseCare takes this opportunity to spread awareness. We’ve helped create a video inspired by six courageous women and their victorious journey through and beyond breast cancer, in collaboration with the Cheers to Life Foundation run by Ms Dimple Bawa, an indomitable spirit and a Breast Cancer survivor herself. This video is an account of the first-hand experiences of six women from diagnosis to recovery. Special thanks to Sanju Sharma, Devanshu Sharma, Deepak Sharma, Priyanka Suri, Nitima Verma and Team Members of Cheers to Life Foundation for their support and efforts to help make this video possible. Your unconditional support will go a long way in achieving our goal of cancer-free nation.


Our mission is to make people aware of the various aspects of the disease, provide them information about the treatments available, and other supportive therapies. We believe in “OVERCOMING CANCER – CELEBRATING LIFE”


Cheers to Life Foundation rely on the support and donation from all the people who are willing to contribute for this sensitive cause. The act of helping others and supporting a casuse can create an improved sense of psychological and spiritual well-being.


Join hands with us to help fulfill our mission and we would be delighted to have your support for helping us in our objectives. Your valuable contribution will certainly make a big difference in the life of people who are battling cancer and are ineed of support.


CTLF team has taken number of initiatives in past to connect with the people to the cause of cancer awareness. Our aim is to make people aware about this deadly disease and educate them on Cancer prevention via nutrition and healty lifestyle.

It is estimated that every year 5 lakh women die of cancer in India. Cancer treatments are long, expensive and agonizing. Strand Life Sciences and Cheers to Life Foundation has prepared a short video in which Dimple Bawa (Founder CTLF) shares her encounter with Stage IIIB Breast Cancer at the age of 32, highlighting the various parts of her cancer treatment and how she overcame the mental trauma of losing her mother to the disease and then fighting it out with her grit and determination and ultimately defeating cancer on all counts.

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You can make a difference in someone’s life!

It’s just not about give money or time; it’s the love and affection that you put into it. Donating for a cause can benefit you in most unbelievable ways. It gives you an inexplicable satisfaction and happiness to see someone getting that much need help which they would have only imagined. A simple step of helping others gives you an amazing sense of spiritual and emotional well-being. Supporting a social cause can help keep you informed about issues of our society and gives an opportunity to contribute to making a better world for our future generations. All your donations that you make are tax deductible. We look for your support to help people in desperate need of help.


Dimple Bawa

My life is truly, madly magical – even after Cancer. If I can pull that off and have a sense of purpose, just imagine what you can do! We have one life to live. Just know how you want to be and be it. It really is that simple. My journey with Cancer is one of a discovery of self. My encounter with Cancer taught me how to listen to my inner guide and connected more deeply with people….”

“It’s been about more than two years since I met Dimple, just after my surgery after being diagnosed for breast cancer – And my battle with cancer and depression was won with friends like her…read more

Kusum Ratna

CTLF is an amazing foundation working in the field of cancer, the most horrible word which nobody wants to hear in their lives. I face it in august 2015, I was shattered, I lost all my hopes…read more

Shivani Bagpar

“The day I got to know about this illness I had a million thoughts running through my mind… How much time do I have left? How will I manage? How painful will it be? I thought …read more


Puja Hira

I met Dimple when my treatment started in 2013. She had been through a tough time and had researched extensively on how to cope with the aftereffects of the cancer treatment. …read more

Amanpreet Cheema