Talk about chocolate and my mouth is already watering. Chocolates are just tasty and nutritious. Yes, I meant nutritious. Dark chocolates have proven facts about the advantages that they provide to health and skin. They’re super rich in anti-oxidants and also has ample nutrients to support the body. It’s extracted from the hot chocolate beans. You may find it slightly it bitter when compared to white and light chocolate. Nevertheless, they’re best form of chocolate to be consumed to reap all the advantages. Advantages of Dark Chocolate for Health:

1. Controls Blood Pressure:

Dark chocolate has flavonoids which are said to produce Nitric acid. This gas signals the arteries to unwind and relax. This process in turn reduces the flow of blood, thus lowering the blood pressure level. It also has elements such as magnesium and copper to normalize the blood pressure level.

2. Improves Memory:

dark chocolate is extracted from cocoa beans, which are said to work wonders on the functioning of the brain. The flavonoids can help to increase the flow of blood towards the brain. Cocoa contains theobromine and caffeine which is believed to be an essential element in the functioning of the brain. Individuals with mental disorders may also try dark chocolate and see the results.

3. Deals with cardiovascular disease:

The heart disease is on the rise due to increased stress and work level. People lack time management skills and are always in a hurry. The work pressure takes a toll on their health. Dark chocolates are intended to lower the heart risk.

They keep a check on your cholesterol and prevents it from being piled up in the arteries. It also lowers the blood pressure level and prevents him from getting oxidised.

4. Boosts the Mood:

There are occasions when we’re low and depressed. The serotonin is the bodily hormone that controls our moods. The Dark chocolate produces endorphins in the brain cells.

This, in turn, leads to the birth of serotonin, the happiness hormones. You’ll instantly see the changes in your mood.

5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels:

Though chocolates are sweet, but they don’t add to your sugar level. Dark Chocolate is low in glycemic index. The flavonoids present in the chocolates can help to control the insulin levels.

6. Increases Body Metabolism:

If you’re searching for something which may instantly boost your levels of energy, dark chocolate is your answer. It increases the metabolism rate of the body, thus leaving you with more energy. It’s always better to eat a piece of dark chocolate in the early morning.

7. Cures Anemia:

Individuals with less haemoglobin count can benefit from dark chocolate. The flavonoids present in dark chocolate cures anemia. Improves Eyesight: Dark chocolate is said to increase the blood circulation to the brain which in turn increases the eyesight.

8. Enhances Skin Complexion:

The anti-oxidants present in dark chocolate are thought to boost the skin complexion making it supple and more smooth.

9. Protects from Ultra violet rays:

The reduction is long-lasting as well as your skin can be directly hampered by sun rays. It’s best to put on a sunblock before stepping out in the sunshine. You may also rely on dark chocolates to avoid skin cancer and sunburns. A part of dark chocolate may behave on day-to-day basis.

10. Fights with Wrinkles:

The anti-oxidants present in the dark chocolates keeps wrinkles away and assaults the free radicals. These free radicals are thought to make wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. The feel of the skin also alters as we get older. Therefore, one must take additional care to keep those creases away.

11. Removes Dead Cells:

The skin tends to pile up lots of dead cells due to a number of reasons. These cells that are dead becomes a barrier for the skin to breathe clean air. Dark chocolate acts as a detoxification and spills from the pile of dead cells form the skin naturally.

12. Controls Hair Loss:

It raises the flow of blood to the entire scalp as well as hair roots. This leads to a command in the hair tumble also hair growth ignites.

Ideas to Purchase Dark Chocolate:

Look for the expiration date before you make a buy.

Try to find a velvety textured chocolate slabs instead of ones that are oily.

Attempt prior to creating a buy, to break the chocolate. In the event it can break easily, it’s ideal to go with.

Keep it in dry as well as a cool area without becoming influenced by the sun.