Who we are

Dedicated to making a difference!


Cheers to Life Foundation is a group of individuals that have come together for a common cause to fight the big C! Our aim is to enlighten people on the various aspects of the disease, provide them information about the treatments available, and supportive therapies as they undergo treatment while feeling relaxed, peaceful, calm and confident.

At Cheers to Life Foundation, we have a simple philosophy to offer support, love, and care – “Overcoming cancer – Celebrating life!” CTLF is a forum that is for and of the people, dedicated to bringing people together in the fight against cancer. Our team equips people with knowledge and provide them a platform to initiate discussions to be a part of like-minded people who believe cancer need not take away one’s will to live. We want to act as a beacon of hope to those who are suffering from this disease to be a kind of one point stop for support of any kind to anyone who has been touched by cancer.

The Seed

Dimple Bawa, a cancer crusader

I was no stranger to cancer, it had touched my family earlier when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2003. She was treated and getting on with her life when cancer reared its head again in January 2006, this time more aggressive, attacking her liver, lungs, and brain. I saw her in pain and suffering. Being her only child, she never could share her pain or problems with me. She wouldn’t accept the recurrence of the disease and slowly gave up the will to fight any further. Eventually, we lost her to the disease in April 2007.

It was April 2013 – I was just 32, I got an accidental hit on my left breast while walking on a busy street which I thought would heal on its own. However, even after a week the pain still persisted and I realized that it’s time to consult a doctor. I underwent breast ultrasound, FNAC, and biopsy, and the reports came positive for breast cancer at stage 3B (triple negative). It was at an advanced stage and had occupied more than half of the left breast. Triple Negative is a variant that has a tendency to spread faster to other organs. It also does not respond to hormonal tablets and was in most likelihood ‘inherited’.  It was difficult but I had to accept it and only by accepting could I move on from there, making myself physically and mentally strong to fight the disease and to face the side effects of the treatment. I was going to take control of my mind and to the best extent, I could of my body. Being strong is the only choice I made,

I underwent 6 cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by mastectomy and 25 sessions of radiation. After my first chemotherapy, the pain was unbearable and it made me think of my mother and her pain because she also battled cancer for four years. I knew what I didn’t have to do. In a way, my mother’s situation taught me at least that. I began to understand the changes my body was going through and to prepare myself for each round of the treatment. I welcomed advice and tips from friends and family and incorporated them as best as I could.

I wanted to feel good and (although some may call it vanity) to look good. Just because I was going through a painful phase did not mean that I needed to look it! And while I was going through all of this, an idea started forming in my head.

The idea for a platform for all Cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors, to come together, to talk, to support, to encourage and inspire. A forum for anyone to ask and get answers, to initiate discussions, to be a part of like-minded people who believe like me that Cancer need not take away from one’s will to live! Hence, I started talking to people; other cancer survivors, oncologists, dermatologist, holistic therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and so on. Slowly but surely my passion project started to take form and today I’m proud to say with all your supports that yes this is – Cheers to Life!