Every day, more than 50 children die of cancer in India which is more than any other disease and every year 3,00,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. Children battling cancer have dreams and aspirations for their bright future as any other normal kid—they dream of being princesses or pirates, walking on the moon, getting married and having children. But, cancer gets in the way. Our Children Support Group is a group of volunteers who are devoted to enriching the daily lives of children undergoing treatment.  The mission of our this group is to be an advocate for these children and provide them and their families with the educational, emotional, and recreational support needed as a result of the long hours of chemotherapy, illness and isolation. Cancer treatments are long and painful and traumatising for adults and just imagine when a small child has to undergo this pain, what their parents must be going through?

Come forward and be a part of our Children Support Group and volunteer to help to ease out their pain.