Life After Cancer  


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17/01/2019 6:31 pm  

Life after cancer is the real challenge in the life of a cancer survivor. Not only dealing with the daily pain they are in constant fear of getting cancer back in the Life. However, helpful knowledge and info from a fellow survivor can make things easier as they have also gone through the same pain and have experienced things which other patients can relate to. Let's share best practices so that others can be benefited from them as well.

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Dimple Bawa
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18/01/2019 5:19 pm  

Everyone’s body behaves differently to cancer treatment... few may experience lifelong side effects of the treatment. In my perspective, side effects vary from physical to emotional and psychological. It all depends upon the kind of support a survivor gets from doctors, family and friends... most importantly I believe a survivor needs to prioritise things and learn to deal with one’s needs first. 


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