You can give health and hope to the mankind!

Cheers to Life Foundation relies on donations from generous individuals who are willing to support people who need it the most. We have taken many initiatives to collect donations for the cancer patients and survivors to help them with nutrition, medicines and treatment expenses. All the donations collected are only used to giving best care and support to the patients.
We believe that everyone wants to help people in need and we understand that it gets difficult for someone to donate a huge amount considering other responsibilities that we have on us. That’s why we have created a flexible donation program where you can donate any amount. Our donation programs are flexible, that means you can donate as little as Rs100 to the cause and contribute towards saving a life. Even your small amount of donation can make a big difference to the cause and will enable us to save more lives from this deadly disease.

Donating your money or time for a cause can profit your mental, physical and spiritual prosperity. Supporting a cause can keep you educated about issues of social injustice.The demonstration of helping other people can give an enhanced feeling of well-being. All donations are tax deductible when you give to nonprofit organizations like us.