I was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer in April 2013, I discovered it after I got an accidental hit on my breast. After completing ten months of the treatment which included six cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiotherapy l was declared cancer free. The catch with the CANCER is that it can always strike back. During the course of my treatment, I was constantly researching and figuring out the ways to enable my body to fight back this disease and to build my immunity so it could take the hits off cancer treatments.  I have shortlisted five of my best practices which helped me to overcome cancer and I’m sure it will help others if they follow it religiously.

Nutrition– Nutrition is one of the best weapons that can help you fight back cancer. There has been a lot of debate on the importance of nutrition in cancer treatments, however, I have a very simple approach to it, your body absorbs nutrients from the food you consume daily and your body needs more nutrients while it’s going through the treatment simply because it’s dealing with plenty of physical and mental stress. So in simpler terms, you want to give the best nourishment to your body to enhance the process of healthy cells regeneration.  I’m a big fan of superfoods with the high content of vitamins and minerals, these foods not only strengthen your body but also helps to nullify the side effects of chemotherapy. People battling and survived cancer should add more coloured fruits and vegetables to their daily nutrition to cover the deficit created by various medicines during the treatment.

Workout– Daily workout is something which everyone recommends you but in reality, it’s quite tough to follow a workout regime and to be quite honest I have been struggling with it a lot myself. But I make it a point to keep my body moving in whichever way possible so I could have my muscles get regenerated and to flush out the toxins accumulated in my body through sweat. I observed a huge difference in my body once I started working out in terms of my lymphatic system started functioning properly and also my breathlessness was gone. Start with 10 minutes a day and slowly build it on. 

Self-care– It is really important for everyone to take care of themselves when they are touched by cancer because of the side effects of cancer medicines. Cancer treatment generally leads to hair loss, pale skin, blue nails, dark circles, skin rashes, blisters along with other side effects. So it becomes really imperative to take care of yourself and with the help of various products which are specially made for people undergoing cancer treatment. Go for all natural, chemical free products. 

Regular screening– I come under the high-risk category of cancer reoccurrence that means I have 80% possibility of cancer coming back in my life, credit goes to BRCA Testing. I made it a point to undergo screenings and clinical examinations after every three months to ensure that there are no abnormal changes in my body. The thing with cancer is that it just keeps coming back, so you have to ensure that you take the efforts to undergo the screening as prescribed by your doctor. This may or may not apply to you because it completely depends on person to person. 

Positive mindset– I know you may be thinking that it’s easy to dictate others to maintain a positive state of mind while going through your cancer treatment. But to what I have realised cancer has everything to do with your psychology more than anything else in your body. Thinking positively may have way more impact on our health than we ever thought. Somebody told me once that cancer for sadness and Sorrow and thrives on it but if you don’t give it what it requires that it leaves you. I I think this is true to the core I try to keep a positive state of mind irrespective of how my physical condition is, at times I’m feeling the lowest but I still I do my best to indulge into  activities which can pull me out of negativity and gives me hope and inspiration to live on for myself and for my family. I like listening to music, meditating and most importantly talking to others who are battling this disease because I believe more you give the more you get.  I want to let everyone know that if, “I can do it you can do it too.” Don’t lose hope, stay positive and fight on.

These were some of my best practices which have really helped me if you are aware of any other activities which may help others please share it with me I will include it in my next post. 

Dimple Bawa
Cheers To Life Foundation