Every 8th woman is at the risk of getting breast cancer. Power of Pink is an initiative taken by us in which we talk about preserving breast health. Our focus area is to give knowledge on self-examination and early detection of breast cancer. We also emphasise on preventive measures via nutrition and healthy lifestyle. In India, we are now witnessing more and more numbers of women are being diagnosed with breast cancer in young age groups (in their twenties and thirties). Breast Cancer diagnosed in younger women is more aggressive and less responsive to the treatment, making early detection the key to increase the survival rate. However, breast cancer is a treatable disease if diagnosed at an early stage and cost of the treatment is lower. Self-breast examination at regular intervals can help you detect breast cancer at the very beginning stage.

Power of Pink Support Group voluntarily supports women morally and psychologically to heal and help them fight against breast cancer. We also provide one-to-one counselling to breast cancer survivors helping them to lead a normal life and be an inspiration for others.

We guide breast cancer patients and survivors on mastectomy products, hair wigs, compression sleeves and other post-treatment support products to enhance the quality of life. Also to deal with lymphoedema we counsel on physiotherapy, foot reflexology, aromatherapy etc through our experts. Sometimes chemotherapy for breast cancer may affect a woman’s fertility (ability to conceive a baby), we offer gynaecological guidance to the patient and the family.