Inviting all cancer patients and survivors to join our support group where we share our best practices and overcome our life challenges by supporting each other. We look forward to having you in our group.
People battling cancer need support and care, we at Cheers to Life Foundation We emphasise on preventive measures via nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Our Support Group voluntarily supports cancer patients and survivors morally and psychologically to heal and help them fight against cancer. We also provide one-to-one counselling to all cancer survivors helping them to lead a normal life and be an inspiration for others.
Our team equips people with knowledge and provide them with a platform to initiate discussions to be a part of like-minded people who believe cancer need not take away one’s will to live. We want to act as a beacon of hope to those who are suffering from this disease to be a kind of one point stop for support of any kind to anyone who has been touched by cancer.

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