As we all know that Cancer is a very dreadful disease and its treatment is very expensive, many people who suffer from it die because of the lack of the money for treatment, though it is a very much treatable disease. At Cheers to Life Foundation, we have decided to take an initiative to help those people in their fight against cancer. Cancer Patients usually lose their hope of life and they require an emotional support while they are undergoing treatment. Our support group consists of volunteers which offer help to cancer patients morally, physically and psychologically. We understand the need of proper counselling to the cancer patients, survivors, and their caretakers to make them understand that how the hope of life can make them strong and capable of fighting the disease. Willpower is a very important factor, which helps them to become a fighter instead of a sufferer. We also address the survivorship issues and follow up guidance that makes their future life easy and comfortable. We have offered one-on-one counselling sessions to 150+ cancer patients, survivors, and their families.