The day I got to know about this illness I had a million thoughts running through my mind… How much time do I have left? How will I manage? How painful will it be?

I thought and thought, had sleepless nights but the idea of quitting didn’t occur to me. I told myself that the illness has my body but not my spirit.

I have been talking to friends and family. Reading books. Supporting fellow patients and all this made me realize that my real life has just begun coz it’s the way you look at a situation matters. You can’t control what happens to you but what you can control is the way you respond. In your response is the power.

In my journey I met many survivors however one person who always had my back was Dimple. She introduced me to Cheers to Life Foundation with the help of which I have been able to deal with the treatment with a lot of courage. Time and again she would visit me in the hospital and advise me with dietary changes. And when you have the support of fighters like Dimple you know that you are not alone.

I have got back to work. I go out with friends. My clear focus is on getting healthy, to take my mother on a overseas trip, to take a road trip alone, to get married and have kids, to run an NGO of my own and most importantly to explore the meaning and purpose of my life.

Puja Hira

Its been about three years since I met Dimple, just after my surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer – And my battle with cancer and depression was won with friends like her.

Dimple, is much younger than my children and we have about 40 years age difference between us but I have learnt the art of positive thinking from her- our age difference never came in the way of our friendship.
In my early days of battling with Cancer, Dimple was a source of great strength and encouragement.
She was introduced to me by our common doctor who put us in touch – and she became my “Support Group”.
I got strength from the fact that someone so young could be so brave and positive.
Over the last few years, she has become a “friend”, I can always bank on!

She started the CHEERS TO LIFE FOUNDATION, that I and my family firmly support.
She always has my blessings and love… may she spread her warmth and happiness to all those who come in contact with her.

Kusum Ratna

Cheers to life foundation is an amazing foundation working in the field of cancer, the most horrible word which nobody wants to hear in their lives. I face it in August 2015, I was shattered, I lost all my hopes, confidence to live my life. 
Then cheers to life foundation come across my way, and helped me to uplift myself. They brought a positive attitude to me that my life is not over, God has given me second chance. 
Dimple mam you are an inspiration, thanks a lot for all your love, care, correct guidance. Mam hats-off for your courage and passion to live life and inspire many of us ……. 
I thank CTLF a lot for all your support, guidance during and after my treatment.
Shivani Pagpar

I met Dimple when my treatment started in 2013. She had been through a tough time and had researched extensively on how to cope with the after effects of the cancer treatment. At every step, she helped me by suggesting various changes in my diet. Whenever I had any doubt, or wanted someone to talk to who could understand what I was going through, Dimple was always there to encourage me. I think the seed of Cheers to Life Foundation was down with me. CTLF has touched the lives of patients of different nationalities and age groups.

The never-say-die attitude of Dimple is much admired n deserves a special mention. Her passion has motivated me to also join CTLF and help others whenever possible. Let us all join hands and do our tiny bit to make it easier for the brave hearts battling the Big C.
Amanpreet Cheema