No act of kindness is ever wasted!

Selflessly giving your valuable time is a key part of numerous spiritual and religious belief systems. Volunteering with a nonprofit organisation may bring about physical and social advantages. Cheers to Life Foundation require volunteers from all the age groups to meet our goal and we would be delighted to have your support for helping us to achieve our mission. We know you might be little however your significant commitment will absolutely have a major effect on the life of individuals who are battling Cancer. Working as volunteers you will touch individuals’ lives and give them inspiration and hope to fight cancer fearlessly. At the same time, your contribution will make a major impact on the most prominent objective of helping the general public and making a bigger difference to the society.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer:

• Soul satisfaction

• Save a huge number of lives

• Increase fearlessness

• Become a part of a cause

• Increase your social aptitudes

• Valuable learning knowledge

• Make new contacts

• Meet like minded people

Other Benefits:

Skill development -Volunteering for a cause is a great way to learn more about particular role or sector when if you are working full time somewhere else. It helps you develop new skills and use your existing skill set in a new way.

Personal growth– Deeply rooted learning incorporates hands-on encounters as a volunteer which can show you about social issues in society. You can get perceived for your commitment to a cause in the professional world also. Companies and organizations give preference to the people while recruiting because of their communication to interface with new gatherings of people.

Socialize– On top of adding to your professional networking, volunteering can be a fun, more meaningful way of making like-minded friends.Volunteer and become more acquainted with other people who think about similar issues that you do.

Have an impact– Volunteering is one of the ideal ways we know of to have any kind of effect in your group. It gives you a sense of righteousness in contributing to making an impact on the society towards its betterment.

Cheers to Life Foundation need all kinds of volunteers with interest in helping the cause of defeating cancer. We need people from all fields – IT, Medical, Management, Accounting, Law, Administration, Communications, Operations, Research, Politics, Marketing, Social Workers and etc. We also need volunteers who can offer physical help for our various upcoming events.